Ooze Twist 320mAh Battery


Ooze Battery Kit Includes:

1 x 320 MAH Battery
1 x USB Smart Charger


1. Unboxing your Ooze Twist Slim Pen

Once you open the package you will find a 320MAH Battery and a USB Smart Charger.


Ooze vape pen




2. Twist on 510 compatible cartridge

To use your ooze twist slim pen simply twist off the charger. Then twist on any 510 compatibly cartridge to the pen




3. Unlocking your vape pen

To turn on / unlock your vape pen simply click on the button 5 times within 2 seconds.



4. Activate pre-heat mode

Click the vape pen battery twice to active the preheat mode. This will allow you to have 15 seconds of continuous heating without holding the button. If you’d like to turn of the preheat before then. Just click on the button once. 



The voltage settings range from 3.3v-4.8v. We recommend for beginners to start at 3.3v then work their way up.


To charge the battery unscrew the cartridge and screw back on the battery. Plug in the charger into a usb wall charger.

The light will light up indicating that it is charging. If the light is red then it indicates that is needs to charge. If the light is green then you are good to go.

By Lucas De Araujo


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