Very reliable and compact Vape Pod with 2ml oil capacity and 250mAh vape battery.

Infinix Vape Pod by SmokTech

The Smok Infinix is one of three pod systems SmokTech released. Starting with the basics, this is an open vape Pod system. Included two pods come empty, and you fill them with your own e-liquid. You may use the nicotine salts, CBD oils or any standard e-juice in here.

Let's go ahead and have a look at packaging of the Smok Infinix. You can see it comes with a little description manual for the Infinix vape. It comes with two empty replacement Pot cartridges and the Smok Infinix pod battery itself. Next, you'll get a micro USB cable for charging the device, and very convenient needle tip e-juice injection bottle. With your kit you'll get a little Smok instruction booklet here that talks about the device, the specs, and the warranty diagram, and then you'll get a little attention card.

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Smok Infinix Kit Contains - Listed parts/components

Smok Infinix Pods

One Infinix Pod cartridge has a capacity of two milliliters, and you can see the connection on the bottom of the pod. On the interior of the Pod, you can see the filling hole on the side. Topped with the little rubber stopper that you remove to fill it.

All you have to do is pull it out and push it to the side to fill it up. When you push this back in, don't press it too hard because you don't want to go all the way inside. Just tap it a little bit to make sure it goes in, and you'll be good to go.

It's as easy as that. The filling hole is very tiny, so your normal e-juice dropper will start overflowing over the side. Included needle tip bottle will fit perfect into filling hole. You're going to take this and then squeeze the liquid into the cartridge. Sidenote, 2ml Smok Infinix Pods replacement cartridges come in a pack of 3 and are available at VapeYr.

Smok Infinix Pods showing open filling hole plug.

How long do Smok Infinix pods last?

In our testing, each Smok Infinix Pod lasted at least one week of intensive vaping (1-2 refills per day), and even two weeks of 'regular' vaping before a noticeable decrease in taste and vapor production. You should be aware that certain pods have a propensity to leak, so keep that in mind.

Depending on how much you’ll used the Smok Infinix batteries, you will get about 5-8 hours out of it. Again, with a Pod vape battery, this is pretty much standard for the course.

Smok Infinix disassembled showing 250mAh vape battery and 2 vape pods

How to use Smok Infinix?

Once your Pod is loaded with your favorite vape oil, and inlet filling hole is secured with rubber stopper, simply slide the pod into Infinix mod and you ready to vape.

Do not inhale right away after filing in the pod. I'd recommend waiting two to three minutes. (not when you refill it, just on your first fill of Pod)

The Smok Infinix vape pen is buttonless, always ready to vape. Simply inhale to activate heater within the Pod. No need to turn it on or off when you done.

By Vapeyr Team


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