Vapor Batteries with 510 Thread

510 Thread Battery products category. Mods and Vape Pen Batteries for pre-filled vape cartridges and wax atomizers.

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CBD Oil 510 Thread Battery Kit w/ USB Charger - shown in packaging with vape battery instructions 510 Thread Battery w/ USB Charger - shown w/ packaging in back

CBD 350mAh 510 Thread Battery Kit

510 Thread Battery for CBD Oil Cartridges CBD Oil 350mah vape pen battery kit, with USB charger. Best quality, lowest price 510 thread battery for 510 vape cartridges. Featuring variable...
$14.99 $9.00

Ooze Pen Battery

510 Thread Ooze Battery The Ooze Pen, 510 thread battery carrying 380 mAh capacity and goes from 3.3V to 4.8V output. A variable voltage dial is regulated by a twist...
$19.99 $9.99

HoneyStick Buttonless Vape Pen Battery

Buttonless Vape Pen Battery with Variable Voltage Transform your slim battery or even auto-draw (buttonless) battery into a well-performing dab pen with the addition of this Silencer wax pen cartridge....
$19.99 $11.00

Phantom Carbon Fiber Vape Pen Battery

Phantom Carbon Fiber 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery New Luxurious feel, look, and strength the 510 thread twist battery comes to life in the new Phantom Carbon Fiber 510 Thread...
$27.00 $12.50

Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod

Centaurus DNA Box Mod Vape Discover the Centaurus DNA 250 C Box-Mod, a successor to the popular Paranormal line, powered by the legendary Evolv DNA250C Chipset, 1-200W wattage output range,...
$169.99 $80.00

BeeBox PRO Box Mod Vape for PODs & 510 Carts

Digital Vape MOD Battery for Cartridges and PODs BeeBox PRO Vape Battery has a beefy 600MAH of capacity which is more than twice the capacity of the most popular POD...
$89.00 $49.00

510 Thread Battery Selection

There are several different types of 510 thread batteries available, but all of them will use a standard 510 thread making easier matching vape battery with cartridges. Depends on how the unit is operating and how intensity can be adjusted. Most vapor batteries operate with a button-click pattern that can be pushed to fire the unit or adjust the intensity

Vapor Batteries with Variable Voltage

Having a variable voltage vape pen battery is very useful, not only to crank the power up but sometimes it is better to have the option to dial the lower power. Many 510 thread vape cartridges are prefilled with thinner oils or have a very low resistance heater, so if you overpower them and try to vape you may encounter a burnt taste or in an even worse case can burn out the cartridge making it unusable. Whether it is to adjust voltage up or down to maximize intensity, or maximize flavor or find the ideal blend of both it is highly beneficial to have this option on the 510 thread battery.

Buttonless Vape Battery with 510 Thread

Auto draw or buttonless 510 thread batteries do not run on push-button operation but are buttonless and turn on when you inhale automatically. Buttonless vape pen battery was the first style of 510 thread batteries on the market and has developed a cult-like following ever since.

Box Mod Vape for 510 Cartridges

Box mod vape type of batteries are the fastest emerging and growing category for 510 vape cartridge vaporizers. The box mod vape is intended to keep the vape cartridge concealed, out of plain sight, and is a great option for those looking for something more stealthily and discrete. Usually, these are small vape units in form of a box and shaped in a way to allow the cartridge to fall into the box mod vape body so it is concealed and covered.