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HoneyStick Phantom Box MOD Vape for oil & wax vape cartridges HoneyStick Phantom Squeeze Box Vape Front View with variable voltage LED indicators

HoneyStick Phantom Vape Mod for Oil & Wax

HoneyStick Phantom Box Vape Mod for Dabs & Essential Oils The HoneyStick Phantom is the best 2 in 1 concealer for essential oils and Wax concentrate vaping. You are getting world-class...
$144.00 $94.00
510 THREAD BATTERYVape HoneyStick

HoneyStick Buttonless Vape Pen Battery

Buttonless Vape Pen Battery with Variable Voltage Transform your slim battery or even auto-draw (buttonless) battery into a well-performing dab pen with the addition of this Silencer wax pen cartridge....
$19.99 $11.00
OIL VAPE PENSVape HoneyStick

HoneyStick Elf Vape Box Mod Kit

The ELF Buttonless Oil Vaporizer The HoneyStick ELF Vape Box Mod is a miniature button-less, auto-draw vaporizer for thick oil concentrate cartridges. With a 3.7V output, the ELF vaporizer delivers...
$38.00 $24.00
OIL VAPE PENSVape HoneyStick

Beekeeper 2.0 Vape Box Mod by HoneyStick

Vape Box Concealer for 510 Cartridges. Limited Edition Multi-Color and Original Black Beekeepers have the same features. An extra-wide opening to fit vape cartridges as large as twelve (12) millimeters. ...
$34.00 $22.00
Aficionado Wax Concentrate Vape Pen Kit by HoneyStick Aficionado Wax Pen Kit Contains: dab pen battery, 2 dab atomizers (ceramic bowl and dual coil), Dab Tool and USB Charging Cable

Aficionado Wax Vape Pen by HoneyStick

Wax Pen Aficionado by HoneyStick: The wax vape pen Aficionado is the latest top-tier creation for the vaping of concentrates from the HoneyStick. Aficionado Wax Vape Pen Kit is an all-inclusive...
$88.00 $48.00
Phantom vape pen with gunmetal vape cartridge and hard HoneyStick wallet case Phantom 510 Vape Pen Kit for Oil and Vape Juice

Phantom 51 Oil Vape Pen Kit

The best vape pen in performance and style. If you want the most premium twist battery on the market but in an awesome pocket-friendly turnkey kit then look no further...
$35.00 $19.99

510 Thread CCELL Oil Vape Cartridge Replacement

Honeystick Beekeper Replacement Cartridge What to do when the cartridge  needs replacement but you don't want to buy a prefilled tank? The answer is simple you add the CCELL vape...
$9.99 $4.99

HRB Dry Herb Vaporizer

The HoneyStick HRB Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Small and sleek, about the size of a Swiss Multi-tool, the HoneyStick HRB dry herb vaporizer provides smooth, powerful, effective dry herb vaping....
Phantom 510 thread battery 510 thread vape battery packaging
510 THREAD BATTERYVape HoneyStick

Phantom Carbon Fiber Vape Pen Battery

Phantom Carbon Fiber 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery New Luxurious feel, look, and strength the 510 thread twist battery comes to life in the new Phantom Carbon Fiber 510 Thread...
$27.00 $12.50
Plasma Dab Pen by Honeystick. Shown packaging and wax vape pen assembled. Plasma Wax Vaporizer with quartz heating bowl for concentrates
Vape HoneyStickWAX PENS

Honeystick Plasma GQ Dab Pen

The New Plasma GQ 2.0 Dab Vape Pen Next gen dab vape pen provides the purest most flavor-filled concentrates experience that is available out of a pocket-sized vape unit when...
$149.00 $89.00

Vape Pen Wax Cartridge - The Silencer

510 Thread Vape Cartridge for Dab Concentrate Designed to be the best adapter for small applications (510 thread stick batteries), this little assassin of a tank moves in silence and...

HoneyStick Turbo HRB Vaporizer

Turbo HRB Dry Herb Vape by HoneyStick Ultra-premium vaporizer from the feel and finishes to its amazing functionality and amazing hits. Choose from 3 available temperature settings 392F, 410F, or...
$99.00 $79.00