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How to drain the oil from the vape cartridge

Remove oil from prefilled cartridge

CartDub products are design to remove the oil from a pre-filled cartridge always was problematic due to 510 cart shape and size. A problem has been solved thanks to the launch of an oil recovery kit.  Vaporizer users have all encountered difficulties in removing oil from their cartridges. When you’re using your favorite pre-filled tank, it’s not uncommon for it to suddenly stop working. As a result, a significant amount of your valuable lubricant will be left in your cartridge after repeated vaping to the point where oil no longer enters the orifice holes. This can also happen with a broken heater or a disposable that has run out of battery life, but you still have a cartridge with the remaining terpenes of your precious oil. Our oil recovery kit makes it simple for you to remove oil from prefilled cartridges that are broken or malfunctioning. In order to remove a non-functioning cartridge that still contains valuable oil, our oil removal kit has everything you need.

Oil extraction from vape cartridges.

One of those Modern Day Vape Roaches, a collection of empty vape cartridges, is a must-have for anyone who is interested in vaping. Cartridge and accessory graveyards where oil is still left in the cartridges that don’t work. CartDub oil recovery kit is the result of our decision to try to revive the non-working vape devices or their valuable contents. It is our goal to make removing oil from prefilled cartridges, tanks, or broken jars as simple and affordable as possible for you.

CartDub oil removal tray

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Contents of the Oil Recovery Kit

There is a simple plastic container that doubles as a tray that comes with the kit. HoneyStick Oil Removal Kit can be used to remove oil from a prefilled cartridge or tank that has been damaged or has been punctured. Extraction or rejection of your oils can be done with the aid of two medical-grade plastic syringe. Using a blunt tip syringe, you can screw the threaded end of the syringe into the syringe to extract or re-inject oil. There are these syringe caps right here if you’re not using it and there are any oils in them. You’ll be using them to ensure that your syringe is leak-free.

Because you’ll be using different cartridges and devices, you’ll need four blunt tips with different lengths of syringe needles. A skinnier needle might be needed because some cartridges have center posts that don’t leave a lot of room around the edges for a larger needle to fit, so you might need a smaller needle to get down into the device. Some cartridges have oil that is so thick that a wider gauge needle is required to remove it.

Honeystick oil recovery kit

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Teal green is the color of a needle in our kit with a very fine gauge. It’s about an inch long and very thin. An inch-long shaft with a narrow opening is all that is required for this device. Your thick oils will not be suitable for this device. If you have a cartridge full of an eliquid, this would be the best way to get the terpenes out of the cartridge and into the eliquid. Avoid thicker oils with this. If the space between a cartridge and a center post where you’ll be excavating your oils is extremely thin, this may be your only option.

The gray blunt needle tip is slightly wider, but the shaft is only about half an inch in length. As oil is more likely to be trapped around the bottom of a cartridge with a thicker oil or CBD cartridge than one with a shallow depth, this is best suited to larger tanks with a lot of open space. This is a good needle tip for dispensing oil after you’ve extracted your oil from a vape tank, so that you can put it back into your cartridge once you’ve recovered it. As a result of its small size and agility, you don’t have to be concerned about using something that is longer and more cumbersome. This needle can be used for dispensing your oil.

Industrial 510 cartridge oil removal tray CartDub

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