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Plasma 2.0 Wax Vape by HoneyStick

Plasma GQ 2.0 Wax Vape Overview

Only recently, you can have pocket-sized dab pen devices been introduced with state-of-the-art technology like this dab vaporizer pen. If you’re looking for a CBD vape pen with a quartz bowl, this is an excellent option.

An advanced “table top” rig, the Plasma GQ uses a proprietary heating element that sits beneath the quartz bowl. An excellent warranty, a wide range of heating options, and a compact design make it an excellent choice. It’s also one of the fastest heating CBD concentrate vaporizers on the market, taking only about 5 seconds to heat up after being turned on.

Is There Anything That Makes This Dab Pen Different from the Rest?

A “burnt taste” or “metal taste” can be avoided when using this great product because the concentrate never touches the heating coil. Plasma GQ coil heats a quartz heating container to vaporize the concentrate. If you’re a true connoisseur of taste, you’ll love this product because it delivers some of the best tasting hits you can get from any vape pen. This is one of the most flavorful Wax Vape Pens on the market.

The Plasma GQ 2.0 Wax Vape Pen Kit

The Plasma GQ 2.0 kit is packaged in a high-quality box that includes everything you need to vape on the go or at home. In contrast to other CBD vaporizer kits, this one comes with a wide variety of high-quality products. Please see below for a list of the items included in the box:
• User’s guide
• USB cable for charging
• 2 Iso-Propyl Q-Tips
• Replacement Chamber Glass
• Dab Tool

According to our customers, the included dab-tool is said to have surgical precision compared to most other tools. There is a great deal of value in the Plasma GQ starter kit. All kinds of concentrates, from waxes and dabs to crumbles and rosins, can be used with this device.

The GQ Plasma Vape for Wax / Dabs:

Using the Instructions: The first time you use your new Plasma GQ, you should immediately charge the battery for at least a few hours to “train” the battery. They may not be fully charged when they arrive, as is the case with most battery-powered devices. Make sure you have a USB cable and a universal charger adapter that you can use with your regular household plug (you must use a converter if traveling outside of the US).

In order to activate the device, you must press and release the button five times rapidly, and then the light will blink three times in green if the temperature setting is set to the low setting. To raise the temperature setting, press the button three times quickly. While on the high setting, a white light will start blinking.
You can keep the HoneyStick Plasma GQ Dab Pen on for up to 15 seconds at 650 degrees Fahrenheit with the low setting, which allows you to keep the power on for longer periods of time. Temperatures at 850 degrees Fahrenheit limit batter use to 10 seconds for safety reasons. Be aware that your concentrate will never come into contact with a Plasma GQ coil that is much hotter than the average temperature needed to preserve flavor.

In order to prevent yourself from getting burned, make sure the quartz bowl is turned off before you add any concentrates. The wax vape can be turned off by pressing the button five times quickly. At this point, you may add your preferred concentrate to the bowl using the included dab tool. You should start with a small amount of concentrate and avoid overfilling your quartz bowl to prevent spillage. As soon as you’ve topped off the quartz bowl, you can put it back on top of your pen and quickly press the power button five times to begin using it. It takes less than five seconds for this pen to heat up. Enjoy your CBD oil as soon as you’ve taken a hit.

During the initial stages of heating, you may notice that the coil becomes extremely hot and bright red. Normal procedure: The pen heats up quickly in the beginning, then cools down to the ideal temperature after this initial rapid heat-up period is complete.

Maintaining Your GQ Plasma Wax Vape Pen Cleanup

It is recommended that the quartz chamber be cleaned on a regular basis. If you frequently switch flavors, you may want to clean your quartz container after each session in order to ensure that there is no lingering flavor from the previous one that could interfere with the new one. Cleaning after each session is not necessary, but if you are a regular vaper, you should at least clean your device once a week.

We recommend using the iso-propyl-charged cleaning swabs that come with your GQ Plasma Wax Vape or ones that you can purchase separately to clean your device. The cleaning process is fairly simple, as demonstrated in the demo video above. The pen comes apart very easily. Wiggling the Plasma GQ glass cover away from the base while holding the base firmly with your other hand is the best way to remove the cover. You can use your iso-propyl-charged q-tips to clean the quartz bowl once it is exposed. Make sure the quartz bowl isn’t hot before cleaning it, as it can burn you if you touch it while it’s hot.

You must thoroughly clean your quartz vape pen if you want the best flavor from your vaporizer pen. If you don’t clean your quartz bowl frequently, the residue from previous loads can build up and give you a burnt taste.


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